A Dark Veil

Game 7

They spot a group of humans that have the same weapons as the orcs from the temple in game 3(?).

Game 6

Left Port Nyranzanu and went to baldurs-gate on Captain Bekas Goldheart. There was “a box” that was stolen on the ship. They got arrested. They had a good idea of who did it and where the box was hidden, but couldn’t prove it in time, before getting locked in their cell.

Galen got out by convincing a pirate to gamble. Quicks thieved his way out, found the box in the suspect’s room and planted it in the captain’s room. They were “proven” innocent because they were “locked in”.

Once in Baldur’s Gate, Galen went gambling and spotted a kid locked into the basement of the inn. They found a way into the underground, zombies, goblins, hobgoblins — most of which fled, and the zombies didn’t seem interested in the PCs brains — and they freed the kid and let him go.


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